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Post by monkeybrainsushi » Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:12 am

I understand that Catalina OS will allow using iPad apps on Mac desktops.

This could be good news since at the same time 32-bit software won't be supported anymore, so this time Kairon 3.6.1 will die a second time :(
I would soooo love to see Desktop Kairon be updated.. but it seems it'll never happen, very sad.

My questions are:
- Can the iPad version of Kairon open the desktop files ?
- Is the iPad version as complete as Kairon 3.6.1 ?

Also the reviews for the iPad version are not so good.. which is a bit sad..

PS: I'm a very satisfied Android user (no intention on changing that) and thus never tried iPad Kairon

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