Saving files with different house systems

Frequently Asked Questions, not answered in the tutorials. Häufig gestellte Fragen, die im Online Tutorium nicht beantwortet sind.
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Saving files with different house systems

Post by kathleenruth »

Hello Killian,

Thank you again for Kairon. The more I use it and realize how many features you have included, the more I love it and appreciate your time and attention to detail.

I usually use a geocentric calculation with placidus as my default house system, but today I did a polar chart with a tropocentric calculation and horizontal (Azimuth) system which I would have liked to have saved.

I'm very appreciative that Kairon has these options, but when I close the file and change back to my defaults, if I open the file again it reverts to my default settings.

Is there a way to save individual files with a different house system than the default?

I have looked in the tutorials and FAQ's and didn't see anything - so apologies if I'm missing something.

Enjoy your weekend ... Ruth
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Post by mehemptah »

hello ruth,
Kairon only saves the bare data to the chart. You can check the aaf-view of the text-editor to see what acually is being saved. To save a special view of a chart, just select the print command and then save it as a .pdf instead of printing. that preserves anything specific.
The reason for not saving charts with settings is, that if you compare two charts they always have those settings you currently work with.
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