font change

This is the old FAQ vor Versions 3.0 - 3.5.12
For full support please download and install Kairon 3.6 and ask your questions into the new FAQ
Das ist das alte FAQ für Versionen 3.0-3.5.12
Für vollen Support bitte Kairon 3.6 herunterladen und installieren und Fragen dann ins neue FAQ für 3.6 posten. Eine Fortführung des alten FAQ würde hier nur verwirren.
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font change

Post by shirii »


i have downloaded an astrological font "segno pro"{i think thru a link related to kairon} but i can't seem to install it.
i go into pref and then "styles" and click on "change font" but it seems on the horoscope the kairon font remains.
on the styles page above "list of symbols" it says "kaironsemiserif" but over the text box below it says "segno pro".
how do i activate the segno pro.
i have clicked on "apply" and then "OK" but it seems not to have changed.
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Post by mehemptah »

you can't just change the font and that's it, because every individual font has different signs and symbols at different positions. so it is necessary to do it symbol by symbol and adjust those symbols properly again. an exact howto is in the online tutorial, klick on styles to find how to change a font.
(take care you don't forget to first save a new pref-file, so you don't loose your old settings)