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Post by monkeybrainsushi »

I understand that Catalina OS will allow using iPad apps on Mac desktops.

This could be good news since at the same time 32-bit software won't be supported anymore, so this time Kairon 3.6.1 will die a second time :(
I would soooo love to see Desktop Kairon be updated.. but it seems it'll never happen, very sad.

My questions are:
- Can the iPad version of Kairon open the desktop files ?
- Is the iPad version as complete as Kairon 3.6.1 ?

Also the reviews for the iPad version are not so good.. which is a bit sad..

PS: I'm a very satisfied Android user (no intention on changing that) and thus never tried iPad Kairon
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Re: Catalina

Post by mehemptah »

first of all Kairon 3.61 never died: There is Kairon 2.19 on MaxOS 7-9 and there is Kairon 3.61 On MacOS X 4-14 and there is a new Kairon 4 on MacOS X 9-15+
Kairon 4 does not have all the features of Kairon 3.61, yet, so it is not out yet, but it will be available.
The iPad version does not have all the features, it was concepted as a mobile version and not as a copy... as both iPad and iPhone have changed quite a bit, this may change as well.
As to my info, it has become easier to port apps from iPad to MacOS, but this does not mean, that the iOS store will open its doors to MacOS.
But yes, still the iOS version uses the same AAF-format as does the MacOS version.
To the reviews: In many cases of other apps and also of movies i often found, that i liked those the most, where there are good and bad reviews. Also, reviews have to be read with diligence:
- did the author reply (and even state he changed the app)?
- what diligence and language does the reviewer use?
- is the validation in relation to the arguments?
- do the arguments apply to your situation?
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