Scan to natal orbs?

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Scan to natal orbs?

Post by waywuwei »

Is there a way when doing a scan to natal to set the orbs to zero? So that you will only see the day on which the aspect is exact? I have tried to set the orb % in the Preferences: Styles page but that does not seem to effect the transit scan method.
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Post by mehemptah »

there is the easy way, using the aspect-orbs choker from the toolbar: just move your mouse over the toolbar items and wait for the explanation to fade in to tell you what all those things do.

and the hard way, setting orbs-percent in preferences: you can save any number of preference files and apply them by selecting the prefs again... please note: there is an online tutorial describing the styles and how to change these, it is a detailled task that needs quite some attention... setting orbs-percent is done per object and influences how much of the defined orbis of an aspect is used by an object AND the second object (let us say one has zero percent and the other 100 percent, then the orb used of these two will be 50 percent, meaning, that if the aspect has an orb of 6° it will only show between these two objects if it is of an exactness of 0-3°

and a third way, to redefine an aspects orb...

but from what you are hinting at i think the choker will be your first choice, it works in the fraction of a second for all aspects at once and can be undone with the checkbox or by sliding back...
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Re: Scan to natal orbs?

Post by kathleenruth »

Thank you - the orb choker is very usefu! :)
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