Vedic Aspects

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Vedic Aspects

Post by VicDiCara »

I'm sorry, one more request.

In Parashari Vedic astrology, not every planet casts the same aspect patterns.

The inner planets cast full aspect 180º, 3/4 to 90 and 210, 1/2 to 120 and 240, 1/4 to 60 and 270, and 0 anywhere else (including 150º)
This is modified for outer planets. Mars has Full aspect where the inners have 3/4. Jupiter has full where the inners have 1/2 and Saturn has full where the inners have 1/4.

Linear ratios are used for degreed between these points

Would it be possible to allow for this option?
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Re: Vedic Aspects

Post by mehemptah »

Hello VicDiCara,
i am deeply sorry for the delay in my answer, i really did not see there were any new postings any time earlier.
I have read about such aspects only in relation to the square charts and i wonder if there is any way to display them, or if they are meant to be listed only. Could you throw in some light on this, please?
There will be a new version of Kairon, rather soon, maybe a couple of months by now. This will go with: Amsha-Kundalis, a listing of Nakshatras, northern and southern square chart (for now without transiting option in the chart, but it might still get added), quite some vedic dignities and vimshottari dashas.
Thanks a lot for your questions, this brings back some life here :-D
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