The Earth Placement in Geocentirc Charts

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The Earth Placement in Geocentirc Charts

Post by kathleenruth »

Hi Kilian and everyone ,
I practice Esoteric Astrology which includes the position of the Earth at 180º opposite the Sun.

Is there currently any way in Kairon to have the Earth symbol show at this position in geocentric charts?

Kilian, maybe this feature could be included in future updates?

It is very helpful indeed that Vulcan is currently included.

I don't want to use heliocentric charts because I'm much more familiar with the geocentric system.

I wonder how others have got around this problem, any ideas?

I apologize if this question has already been answered - I searched the forum but it showed no results relating to this question.

Thank you Kilian, for this wonderful software.

best wishes,

Ruth :)
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Re: The Earth Placement in Geocentirc Charts

Post by mehemptah »

Hello Ruth,
thank you for this very interesting question.
I put in some quick thought and tried it, and succeeded with my theory on how to add this "Point of Earth":
Simply create an Arabic point using the Formula Asc + Sun - Desc and save it to the List to have it permanently available and then add it.
The first picture shows what the list in the Arabic settings will then look like:


The proof this works is here:

You can see the point is in exact opposition to the sun.

So, according to the first screenshot, first just enter the point details on top by selecting the objects Asc, Sun, Desc in the menues and enter the name Earth underneath, then click the tiny plus at the right corner of the bottom of the Dialog, immediately above the blue [ok]. This adds the point to the list. After you could verify it is in the list by scrolling down to the bottom of the list, select the point in the list and hit the non blue ok above the list - this puts the point into the selection to the left and marks it checked.
Last verify your dialog looks like mine (except yours will be in english) and click the blue ok.

Using the styles tutorial you can asign a symbol to this new point, as Kairon already has an earth symbol included you can just take this one.

I am sorry i did not see this question earlier, i was very busy recently.

Best regards,
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