Is Kairon incompatible with Yosemite?

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Is Kairon incompatible with Yosemite?

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i just recently installed Yosemite for mac. Now I realized that my Kairon is pretty tweeked since then. First of all, pretty much 90% of my data is gone, meaning most of the horoscopes I had before are gone, I can't add any new horoscopes. When I start the program, it does not show me the window "Enter and edit data entry" anymore (how I had set it up before), the "drawer" window on the side is gone and I always have to click on view etc... obviously this is not the biggest issue, but I do not know what to do...not even the lost data is that absolutely crucial but I would at least like to add new is really frustrating.

I hope you guys can help me.
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Re: Is Kairon incompatible with Yosemite?

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Hello Teetrinkah,

i have no idea what happened on your mac, but Kairon does not have any issue with Yosemite. About your files: Wherever you save them, there they go, whenever you delete them, they are gone. The recommended folder for any kind of files is your documents folder, as there you never delete things by accident. But i guess that you are just not able to open them, as the document-window is not opening - which is because of either a font-issue or an overwritten pref. NEITHER happens automatically, when you just upgrade to Yosemite. Kairon-Files can be opened with any Text-Editor, so it is easy to find out about your charts. Have you tried reinstalling Kairon from already? If so: how did you do it? (What exact name did the installer have?) Maybe you moved some preferences to another location?
In both libraries you should have a folder .../Application Support/Kairon and in the fonts you should have Verdana and Kairon Semiserif and hidden on your system somewhere should be Times (NOT Time Ten) - any of these missing is the usual causes for not opening of the Kairon-Window.
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