3 feature requests: FS names, Eris, Oktotopoi

Enter what you feel you would like to see implemented or changed in Kairon... your ideas will get implemented in some way or another, i will generally answer only to ask back, if something is not clear enough for my personal understanding... as my normal answer to feature requests is: "as soon as possible and thank you for your contribution" :)
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3 feature requests: FS names, Eris, Oktotopoi

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I'm a happy user of Kairon 3.6.2 and would like to chime in on feature requests.

1) The first has, I think, already been made but I'd like to throw in my 2 cents:
How about the ability to have fixed stars display with their names or any sort of abbreviation thereof instead of just F1, F2 ... ? Or did I miss sth. and it's already possible?

2) Could the 'dwarf planet' Eris be added to the built-in 'points'? After all, it's the largest 'dwarf planet' and a good deal more massive than e.g. Pluto.

3) While Kairon offers a wealth of house systems to choose from, I'd like to ask whether it'd be possible to add the Oktotopos system, which works with eight sectors calculated in diurnal direction. There are a number of astrologists who work with such a system and I'd refer to Patrice Guinard's page:
(this is in the original French, an English version is also available).

Thank you so much for considering these and thank you very much for a great software!
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Post by mehemptah »

Hello Davki,

i added points 2 and 3 to the List of Feature-Requests, point 1 is clearly(?) described in the Tutorial on Styles at kairon.cc - you can just rename any objects symbol and set it to any font and size (within proper limits) - but read the tutorial FULLY, there are tiny glitches :->>>

kind regards
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