Enter what you feel you would like to see implemented or changed in Kairon... your ideas will get implemented in some way or another, i will generally answer only to ask back, if something is not clear enough for my personal understanding... as my normal answer to feature requests is: "as soon as possible and thank you for your contribution" :)
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killiansternad--MehemPtah: I'm impressed with your kaironsanserif font symbols for the Kentaurs and Muses on my Macs...and I would like to coordinate them on my PC programs, but Windows & Word won't accept kairon.sanserif, though Windows accepts the TTF ET Symbols 3; Wescott's AAP works on Kairon.

Is there a font that has your symbols that Mac Word will accept? And Windows 7? I hate having different symbols for Astraea, Psyche, etc. Thank you, Khier Starchylde, Oregon, USA
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thank you for your nice words, your website reflects a very good sense of aesthetics to say the least :-)
on looking for these fonts i came across an old site i never put online as i wasn't sure yet if i really wanted to sell the fonts for pc at all. so: how do you think about this?
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