wishes and thanks

Enter what you feel you would like to see implemented or changed in Kairon... your ideas will get implemented in some way or another, i will generally answer only to ask back, if something is not clear enough for my personal understanding... as my normal answer to feature requests is: "as soon as possible and thank you for your contribution" :)
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wishes and thanks

Post by therinken »

Wishes: make it possible to create orbs for planets from the aspect tab in the preferences section (for all us medieval astrologers out here)
...and, when in the styles section of the preferences, it would be really cool if the user could choose a dynamic color picker instead of the color popup box

Anyhow, finally got around to purchasing ... its truly worth every penny, thanks for all your hard work! :lol: [/list]
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Post by mehemptah »

hello therinken,
the orbs for planets are in the styles tab, the trick not to mess up is just to choose the font before you save your changes. the feature will get improved in the future, though. :shock: 8)
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