Local apparent time vs local mean time

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Local apparent time vs local mean time

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Is there a feature on kairon to calculate charts to the local mean time value instead of local apparent time? It is the local mean time that gives the correct calculations for people born in the 1600's - 1700's and before. Thanks
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just select "local time" from the menue in the atlas area, or, if you search for a location and then enter the date, you will see that this method is automatically selected by kairon. The only problem is, if you save a chart to a file and then change the time again, it will not react to daylight saving time etc. until you reselect the location from the atlas.
just try and you will see :-)
example: enter kentucky in the atlas search field, then watch what it says in timezone: 5hw00:00 meaning 5 hours no minutes less from GMT
if now you change the year to 1800 you will find that the timezone changes to localtime and the shift will be 5hw22:43
That has ever worked in Kairon, from the very first versions :-D
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