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Kairon 4.0 for MacOS Catalina

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:59 pm
by cusp
When will Kairon 4.0 be available?

Kairon 3.61 is my only 32-bit app of consequence. I don't want to upgrade to Catalina until I can update to Karion 64-bit.

FYI: MacOS Catalina will not work with 32 bit apps. Go to Apple Menu --> About This Mac -- System Report --> Software: Applications, and then look to see if there is a 'Yes' or "No" in the 64-bit(Intel) column at right. If "No', that app will not work once you upgrade to Catalina.

Re: Kairon 4.0 for MacOS Catalina

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:25 pm
by mehemptah
Hello Cusp,

thank you for supporting Kairon.
Version 4.0 will be released this month and should also be back compatible for some versions, so that one can choose freely from version 10.9 (i think) up to Mojave, which version of Kairon to use.

"Curiosity kills the cat" has become one of my favorite sayings, based on experience. On computers you loose lots by being to "intuitive" or "emotional" about things. I have not even gotten used to Mojave and now came Catalina and sits demandingy in my auto-update.
All i will have from this will be, that i loose Kairon 3.6 and my good old office 2011. I don't need an ipad as second monitor and my graphic tablet is good enough for me. I changed from MacOS 9.1 to 10.2 - skipping two versions, because at that time all the software we used in graphic design was quite expensive and everybody refrained from upgrading, as software vendors were all very reluctant to dance after apple's tune. Even from MacOS 8 to MacOS 9 "After Dark" jumped off the train and i am still sad about this loss. They were one of the things that mad the mac a mac. There was nothing i found on Version 9 to make up for the loss of "After Dark".
So i am happy to hear about people, who are running older macs even with the system they were delivered - who don't even know about how to upgrade nor why. And they are happy. They have a stable environment to work with and feel at home with this. Unless one is participating in development of an operating system, upgrades should be taken with diligence and caution. Those in front row are the pioneers to report the left over bugs that those who come in later will be happy to skip :-D

Thanks for the tip on how to see all the no longer supported software at one glimpse, this supports me in not upgrading my MacOS in a haste!

Last thought: I will post a list, which features of the old Kairon will be part of the new Kairon on start and which ones will come in a little later, so that people who wait for Kairon 4.0 will not find themselves with a bunch of new features they don't want and missing out on the old ones they learned to appreciate.

Re: Kairon 4.0 for MacOS Catalina

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 11:15 pm
by mehemptah
OK, no list,
but Kairon 4 has been accepted by Apple's review team today and should be out on the Mac-AppStore any minute.
Big bonus for all who read this: You can get it for 29.99 until Dec 25, as an introductory price which replaces the complication of upgrading.
After that date it will be available to the regular price of 49.99

Re: Kairon 4.0 for MacOS Catalina

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:43 pm
by mehemptah
Finally: ... ls=1&mt=12
Search in AppStore is still not working, but this link here is good :-D