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Kairon 3.6 english mailing

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Due to an Atlas uprade there is a new Version of Kairon and it also has some new Features:
New chart graphic "Moon Mansions": the zodiac is additionally split into 28 equal parts showing the names of the ruling angels on rollover.
Multiuser-Support: now no longer admin rights are needed to enable multiple accounts using Kairon. Everybody can use just one Kairon 3.6 and have one's own (individual) settings* on one's own account.
improved Old-Files import (visible importing historical charts and on Intel-Macs)
Upgrade of Swiss-Ephemeris (invisible, you can read about advantages at astro.ch)
Kairon is now a universal Binary on Tiger and higher (10.4), which means that it will automatically be faster on intel macs and still work on G4 macs. On Macs running Panther (10.3) the installer will automatically install a specific version for those machines.
elements are no longer per default counted by my changed system but by the classical system. also, the number of points of counted elements is now same with the number of counted points of qualities (cardinal, fixed, mutable).
qualities are now also displayed in the houses tab of the drawer, not only in the printout.
because the metallic interface has been dropped i used the former metallic interface checkbox for a new feature: "Aries always left" (Checkbox) which sees to it, that Aries is always to the left of the chart. This is good for overlay charts and for animated charts, it makes both less confusing.
By deleteing <local User>/Library/Application Support/Kairon you can reset Kairon to its standard preferences, they will be there with the next start of Kairon.
Warning: don't mix up <local User>/Library/... with <Macintosh HD>/Library/... :-)


Fetch the installer from http://kairon.cc -> Downloads and doubleclick it as soon as the download is complete.
Full-License-Owners: please download the new AtlasInstaller as well, as it contains the latest changes and as it will automatically be installed at the new location that way.

This installer will not automatically replace your old Kairon. You may wish to copy your older settings (if you still wish to use them) from your kPref-folder of your old Kairon-folder into your new Preferences folder. This new Preferences folder is in your local Library in Application Support in the Kairon folder and is named: Preferences
(<local User>/Library/Application Support/Kairon/Preferences)
If you have downloaded Ephemeris files from astro.ch they need to be placed into the new SwissEphemeris folder in /Library/Application Support/Kairon/SwissEphemeris so that they will be found by Kairon 3.6.
Once you transferred all your old settings, you can delete Kairon 3.53 and/or Kairon 3.55 along with the old Kairon folder from Applications.

I have transferred any old email-addresses into this newsletter, please don't be mad at me, if this was not in your interest but just unsubscribe... this won't happen again, it was just because this upgrade is such a specific one.

best regards, best wishes and have a nice weekend,
Kilian Sternad

when Kairon is launched, the settings will be produced in the account of the user who has logged in. This way every user has his/her own Kairon Folder in the local library's Application Support folder.
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