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Kairon 3.5 english mailing

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 6:36 pm
by mehemptah
There have been a lot of features from 3.03 to 3.09 already:
- globally restrict aspect orb using a slide control
- edit text notes to create an interpretation
- edit text for each degree (suitable for Sabians)
- toggle between "transit" and "time machine" functions
- improved cross-platform and unicode file mapping preferences
- firdaria (in text generator)
- profections (in progressions tab)
- rulership, exaltation, triplicity, terms and decan
(available in "mouse-over" display and in text output)
- more Arabic Parts (can now make use of rulership)
- san (syzygy ante nativitatem - for Arabic Parts)
- Fixed Stars
- Theoretical objects Vulkan (Bailey), White Moon Selena and Dark Moon
(Harrington), Nibiru
- Ascendant related Objects (ARMC, Co-Ascendants, Antivertex, Eastpoint)
- choice between metallic and normal style
- new chart wheel showing terms and decan
- a default Chart file can be chosen to open on launch
- new Chart Wheel Graphics and more Lists in the drawer
- now open thousands of charts in one file (tested on 30.000)
- lots of error messages have been added to make Kairon easier to use.
- Export as PDF will save either the radix or the grid
(depending on what is displayed in the main window)
The print menu works as it did previously.
- a further set of planets is available for Solar/Lunar
(formerly the setting for transits was taken into account)
- A range of Symbols have been added to Kairon Semiserif
- two more Aspects are available: Bilin 75° and Tao 165°
- graphic Ephemeris

Version 3.5.12 comes with some further improvements:
- additional graphic Ephemeris in "tunnel-style"
- 90° wheel for the methods of Hamburger school of astrology
- rotating midpoints wheel for any chart wheel
- SAVEABLE time machine :-)
- more exact entry for progressions (not only year, but also month and day)
- quite some bugfixes for the last few beta versions