Thanks for a wonderful Software

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Robert Wenzl
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Thanks for a wonderful Software

Post by Robert Wenzl »

I´m not a profound astrologer, more one who is fascinated in the design of all. Kilian Sternad provides us with a really stylish and functional tool to see the signs of the planets... Thanks a lot.
For my own purpose I am creating a astrological font which is inspired by old renaissance-type inscriptions Image
If anyone is interested in that Font please tell me - I´ll send You the font free via E-Mail. Until now I have only drawn the major obects i.e. the ten main planets and the twelve signs (the characters sit on the same place as they do in the very well drawn Kairon Semiserif-Font).

Yours, Robert[/url]
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Post by mehemptah »

Robert, this is awsome!!!
If you could send me this font that would be incredible.
((i will email you on this, too, just can't hold back a public feedback to something soo beautiful))
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