How to set up Composites

This is the old FAQ vor Versions 3.0 - 3.5.12
For full support please download and install Kairon 3.6 and ask your questions into the new FAQ
Das ist das alte FAQ für Versionen 3.0-3.5.12
Für vollen Support bitte Kairon 3.6 herunterladen und installieren und Fragen dann ins neue FAQ für 3.6 posten. Eine Fortführung des alten FAQ würde hier nur verwirren.
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How to set up Composites

Post by Lorel »

I'm trying to set up composite charts for two people whose charts I already have set up and have used often. I import both of them then click on the Friends option in menu then select one of the charts in drop down list and then composite, however it doesn't combine the two charts no matter which one I choose in the drup down list -- it only shows one or the other.

Is there a step I'm missing?
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steps missing

Post by mehemptah »

yes, there are even two steps missing: the first one is: CLICK "SHOW" to show the thingy, the second step is to select a town for the composite... this affects the ascendant.
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