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tons of error messages

Posted: Tue May 06, 2008 11:50 pm
by poetwarrior
I recently had to reinstall everything on my Mac Mini computer (which I've had for awhile now) including Kairon. For some weird reason, I keep getting error messages when I open a file.

It says:
Ephemeris Error!

SwissEph file 'seas_18.se1' not found in PATH '/Users/<computername>/Desktop/SwissEphemeris/'
I took out my computer's name for security reasons. And these multiply, so I get a lot more than just one. And I cannot import any of these files--I don't know if this is because my OS (TIGER v 10.4.11), but the proper files are not clearly visible (they look masked) when I try to open them up.

Any suggestions? (And I did upgrade to the extended version.)

Posted: Wed May 07, 2008 6:47 pm
by mehemptah
when kairon is first launched on a fresh system or first after the first time it is being installed, it writes down its location into its preferences file.
from this location it looks for its data files.
you should have had the Kairon application file inside the Kairon folder, rather than on the desktop.
so, to make it work again, you best place it into the Kairon folder and trash the file "com.Kairon.Kairon35_X.plist" which is in your local library's preferences folder.
then starting Kairon from within its own folder will automatically set the proper paths again.
alternatively you might set the paths manually from within the paths section of kairons prefs pane, if you should be able to open that.
after tha paths are properly set, although you can then place the kairon application file wherever you like, you had better create an alias instead.
(dragging an application into the doc also automatically creates an alias)