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Can't save my "Methods" charts to file

Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 7:17 pm
by jwthomas
I'm currently working with the demo version while thinking about buying. So far I've been able to save my BC to file (possibly by making it the default chart) but though I've been successful in erecting progressions, transits, and lunar and solar return charts and saving them to a folder, when I reopen Kairon for the next session all the new data are gone from the saved charts except the original BC data itself. I've studied the entry data material in the Tutorial and am faithfully opening from + and saving changed data but when I reopen Kairon all I have is a collection of basic BC's with different labels. Any suggestions?

Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 10:27 pm
by mehemptah
Kairon will start with a chart once you make it the default chart, though you can save any number of files. That you can't save the methods charts is to keep data more consistent and more simple. I remember having had a folder filled up with solar charts, lunar charts, everything and i was spending much more time naming those files and trying to rediscover what they were all about than by just creating them anew. In fact, i regularly trashed them just because i was never sure if they actually were what they were.
The new file concept of Kairon now is all different. Once you have the chart data of a person saved, any of the solar, lunar or whatever charts is already as good as there. No reason to ever look for it, for it is ever at its place where the commands are. Yet, if you insist to pile up blind data charts that do nothing but lie around, the best way to go is to choose "print" and save the file as a .pdf
That way it will never change and can easily be shared to a PC via email. And it is all about vector data, so even such files won't actually get too big.
The reason about changing the old way to go was that its limitations were both redundant and unflexible. Once you discover a chart's data are not 100% you have to change all the charts depending on that one... and any synastries, any compisites, any solar charts all are wrong and anything based on them. But not the new way.
So... nothing's more permanent and more compatible than a .pdf file which can be shared to any other OS and nothing is more flexible and less redundant than those .aaf database files.
And .aaf data can be copy pasted directly into an email as well and can be shared with other apps that also support this astrological exchange format.

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 1:09 am
by jwthomas
Great! I hadn't noticed that the "Print" function had a Pdf option. And it saves the chart in the standard one-sheet wheel and aspects form, perfect for printing if needed.

One more question then. When I cast BC's for other persons will I be able to save these as stable .aaf files in a new folder or do I have to take some specific action other than using the "Save" function to insure their permanancy for continued use?

Thanks for your help so far.

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 11:19 am
by mehemptah
short answer: yes
more detailled one:
.aaf is a "human readable" file format in text form. So you can ever use a plain text editor to controll what you got in the files or to even generate them. Best of course are BBEdit and TextWrangler from BareBones. The Text section in Kairon lets you easily select that .aaf part that constitutes one single file and you can copy paste that anywhere you like.
Another way could be: delete any files from your filelist using the [-] Button and then save the file under a different name. Reopening the original File or just restarting Kairon will again show the list in all its former glory :-)
As a short example, this is all about my BC ever needed:
#A93:Sternad, Kilian, m, 28.2.1968, 18:50:00, Nordhorn, D
#B93: 2439915.243056, 52n27:00, 007e05:00, 1he00:00, 0
The #A93:Chunk has all the humanly understandably infos, the #B93:Chunk has the Julian day, the latitude and longitude, the political timezone and wether there was daylight savings and what kind of... The #B93:Chunk can be actually generated by any software that has a built in Atlas, yet, it is saved for exporting to software that doesn't have that and also to have a chance to find out, why there can be calculation differences if there should be such (normally all errors are due to failure in data input)
AAF-files can be saved to as many folders and drives as your system allows.